If the sight of Italy's hoofed daredevils has so far eluded you, it's time to take a gander at their death-defying antics. (And if you've seen this clip already, it's time for a double take.) 

The daring "goats" in the video are technically alpine ibex, members of the antelope family. And the cliff face they're casually climbing is the Cingino Dam in Piedmont. The ibex risk life and limb to lick at the dam's salty stone, which stretches about 2,200 metres high. The minerals that collect here are great supplements for a vegetarian diet – and luckily, these animals are prepared for the task of getting to them. 

Alpine ibex are native to the European Alps, and they make their homes at various elevations throughout the year, ranging from 1,800 to 3,300 metres (5,900 to 10,800ft). When you get that high, you need some very special footwear to navigate treacherous cliffs and steep mountain walls. Thankfully, ibex are equipped with just that. Their special concave hooves act like suction cups to help them hold tight to even the tiniest of surfaces. They can also spread their "toes" independently for extra grip.

Spidey, eat your heart out. 

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Top header image: Bernd Thaller, Flickr