It's a good day when everyone’s favourite Jedi (or at least my favourite Jedi), Ewan McGregor, narrates a nature program. This incredible slow-motion clip of an osprey putting in the work for its lunch is an excerpt from the BBC's latest series, Highlands: Wild Heart of Scotland.


BBC Scotland posted the clip to their Facebook page for all to see, giving us a close look at just how these birds of prey manage to fish. 

Ospreys (also known as seahawks) are unique among raptors in that fish make up 99 percent of their diet. Special spines behind their talons and reversible outer toes help the birds maintain grip while carrying prey in flight. But as McGregor mentions in the video, a trout can match an osprey when it comes to weight, which is pretty impressive considering these big birds can weigh upwards of 4.5 pounds (2kg)!

That said, it's a common misconception that ospreys can't let go of their prey if it proves too much of a talonful. Scientists and photographers alike have spotted the aerial hunters aborting their fishing missions if they can't get airborne.


Top header image: Eugene Beckes, Flickr