Okay, we know skunk handstands are supposed to be intimidating, but …


This adorable acrobat was caught on a remote camera trap in Florida earlier this year putting on a terrifically intimidating threat display. Spotted skunks perform these splayed-tail handstand walks as a warning to their enemies to back off. Ignoring the upside-down dance can earn you a dose of the animals' signature scent.

This youngster directed its gymnastic display at a camera set up by biologists working with FDOT Southwest Florida and the FStop Foundation. The team have recently deployed wildlife monitoring cameras at crossings and culverts across Florida in an effort to learn more about skunks.

We’ve learnt that skunks are downright marvellous.

If you’re keen to help out with the project you can report your sightings here.

Top header image: Alan Krakauer/Flickr