When settled, semi-submerged in the water like holiday makers at a resort swimming pool, hippos give off very chill vibes. That quickly changes, however, if these heavyweights are triggered into defending their turf. While working at Tafika Camp in Zambia's South Luangwa National Park recently, bush pilot Rory Friedman filmed a heart-racing clash between two hippo bulls that took place just metres from the camp's communal area and bar.

"I was filling up some water bottles for the guests ... when [the hippos] started their duel," Friedman told Capture the Wild who recently uploaded the footage to their YouTube channel. "They were at it for about four minutes until we eventually intervened by clapping and shouting and eventually chased them back into the river." 

Hippos are notoriously aggressive and will take on just about anything that strays too close to their territory, especially rival males looking to assert their dominance. In the dry season, water becomes an increasingly contentious commodity and battles like this are more commonplace. Male hippos will fight it out for access to the best watery real estate, which usually includes mating rights with females that live in the area. Fights look and sound very dramatic, with much open-mouthed head-clashing and shoving, and some skirmishes may even end in death.