Finally … conclusive video evidence that elephants have terrible table manners. While dining at an outdoor restaurant in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park recently, a group of tourists had to deal with a rather rude dinner guest: a 'hangry' bull elephant.

On the lookout for a free meal, the uninvited visitor sauntered over to the group’s table and casually swiped diners out of the way with his trunk. The incident was captured on camera and uploaded to YouTube over the weekend.

The tourists remained surprisingly calm, and fortunately nobody was severely hurt, although one person did sustain a minor injury when he was flung from his chair.

"They took what happened in their stride,” the mother of one of the tourists told the Belfast Telegraph. The close encounter didn’t deter the group and they went on to finish their safari (complete with a dip in Devil's Pool at the top of Victoria Falls).