A family on a game drive in South Africa's Hluhluwe-iMolozi Park recently learned why its best not to get too close to a herd of buffaloes.

The footage, captured by Luxembourgh tourist Vicky Schmidt, shows a disgruntled bull ramming the wheel arch of the family's SUV, momentarily lifting the vehicle partially off the ground before the driver was able to speed away. 

While buffaloes generally exude a cattle-like, docile demeanour, they rank among the most formidable animals on the continent and are more than capable of inflicting some serious damage if provoked to do so. According to Schmidt, the family deliberately approached the buffaloes in a bold attempt to push past the bovine roadblock.

"The family in the car tried to run the buffaloes off the road, so they could pass with their car," Schmidt explained to Greatstock. "As you can see on the video, they weren’t interested in the buffaloes but were taking pictures of an elephant which was a long way off."

Schmidt filmed the action from the safety of another vehicle which was led by two guides wise enough not to approach too close.

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