We've seen big cats venturing into rivers before, but for this lioness in Kenya's Nairobi National Park, the decision to cross was likely an ill-fated one. The cat loses her footing halfway across the fast-flowing river, and is swept into the churning white water downstream. 

Despite what they say about cats and water, lions are skilled swimmers and will navigate their way across rivers when they have to. But in this case, it's unclear from the clip whether the lioness managed to paddle her way out of the torrent.

It's also unclear whether the presence of the vehicle played any role in her decision to wade into the raging water, a concern expressed by many commenters on YouTube. It's possible that the cat had planned to cross anyway, but we'd still recommend that you always keep your distance from wild animals.

The incident comes just a few days after another of Kenya's lions made headlines when it escaped from Nairobi National Park and was shot and killed by wildlife officials after it injured a passer-by. The decision to euthanase the animal was met with outrage from conservationists and many Kenyan citizens, who felt that the officials acted too hastily.

To avoid blocking the migratory routes of grazing animals, the Nairobi National Park is not entirely fenced, which allows the big cats to wander into areas of human habitation, where they are usually met with resistance. Conflict with humans and habitat loss pose one of the biggest threats to the survival of Africa's iconic big cats. To find out more, click here.