With every passing day, we become more and more convinced that all of Australia is just one big wildlife Thunderdome. Case in point: this clawed kangaroo.

Twitter user Cat Karskens filmed this ready-to-rumble roo and shared the encounter last week. The animal appears to stare creepily through the window (or, you know, our souls), before placing its impressively equipped hand up against the glass. We all know kangaroos are boxing legends, but this clip reminds us that their punches also come packed with two-inch claws

Image:Bill Collison/Flickr

Some viewers have speculated that the feisty animal was disgruntled with someone (or something) on the other side of the glass, but the more likely explanation is that this kangaroo was actually in a showdown with its own reflection. That would explain the aggressive chest-shoving and jumps at the window – something that might play out between a kangaroo and a rival. It also explains why the visitor shows little interest in the camera. 

Whatever the reason, it’s certainly interesting behaviour, and this is not the first time we've seen kangaroos acting a little eerie. Remember the kangaroo a-hop-calypse? No? Have a look. You're welcome. 


Top header image: Matt Paish, Flickr