Komodo dragons are pretty much as intimidating as animals get, so watching two of these enormous reptiles square off while hissing fiercely at each other makes for tense viewing.

YouTube user Philippe Castonguay posted this clip of the dragons earlier this month, and says it was filmed in their stronghold, the savannah forests of Komodo Island. 

The huge animals, the heaviest lizards on the planet, start with a face-off and loud hissing before lunging up on their hind legs and wrestling each other. One of the dragons is quickly pushed over and pinned to the ground by its opponent. 

While someone in the background can be heard describing this behaviour as a mating ritual, we're not sure that's what really going on here. Yes, Komodo dragon sex can be a pretty aggressive affair, with teeth and claws engaged. But what we're seeing could just as likely be a dominance battle between two males, especially since male and female Komodos look so alike, with just a small difference in size to distinguish them. 

Scuffles are pretty common among the males, particularly when breeding season rolls around, and rivals compete for access to mates and territory. Losers end up pinned down in the dust just like this one.

Yop header image: Wee Sen Goh, Flickr