We can't really remember what passed for afternoon office diversion around here before wild animals started stealing/flying off with/slobbering over/munching on GoPro cameras – and we don't really want to. We're just glad the world now offers up a steady supply of camera-loving squirrels ... and lion cubs ... and cephalopods... and foxes – in fact, there are so many gems out there that putting together this bumper crop of our favourites for your viewing pleasure was no mean feat. Now throw productivity to the wind, put your feet up and enjoy. 

Squirreled away 

Wherever a GoPro camera has been left unattended in a neighbourhood park, there is a squirrel just waiting to snatch it up, nibble on it and haul it up a tree (or, sometimes, to make sweet love to it). This particular heist was filmed in Montreal and it's now amassed almost two million views ... because what's not to love about a squirrel filming its own dash up a tree before sending the GoPro crashing back to the ground?  

Prairie dog scrutiny 

They don't quite have the flair for it that the squirrels do, but they're furry and adorable and we can't get enough of those twitching prairie dog noses sniffing at GoPros with deep, deep suspicion. 

Curiosity and the cats  

One day they'll be big, bad and brave enough to swiftly dispatch the enemy GoPro (it's how the big cats do it, after all), but for now they're deploying paw swipes and some tentative hissing.

Fantastic Mr Fox

From a few tentative swipes to a full-on mauling. It took an eight-minute search-and-rescue mission by the photographers of OpenLensProductions to locate and revive their missing GoPro after the camera foolishly engaged in a game of 'nomnomnom' with a passing red fox.

Kleptomaniac crab

It's not just mammals that have a taste for camera burglary! This clawed culprit initially seems a little reluctant to do the deed, so if you want to skip ahead to the action, jump to 1:38.

Bird's-eye view

Right ... it's been fun, but it's time to leave terra firma behind. May we suggest a breathtaking flight over the northern slopes of the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps? This amazing footage was captured by a lightweight GoPro attached to an eagle soaring high above the mountainous landscape. And if a bird's-eye view is what you crave, check out this awesome swoop off the Eiffel Tower.  

Flight lessons

And finally, perhaps no other GoPro in-flight video gives us more 'warm fuzzies' than this one capturing 'Big Bird' the white pelican (then just three months old) on his first post-rescue flight!