Home security technicians in Los Angeles are used to meeting celebrities, but a team in the hillside neighbourhood of Los Feliz got quite the surprise when they discovered P-22, the famous mountain lion known for crossing two LA highways to get to his current home in Griffith Park, had somehow made his way into a home crawl space.

California Fish and Wildlife (CFWS) officials have been hard at work attempting to coax the big cat out, but their technique (most recently using a tennis ball launcher to scare the cat into moving) has raised a few eyebrows among scientists, including Earth Touch contributor Dr Jason Goldman.

When asked about the option of tranquilisation, CFWS noted that while mountain lions are not typically dangerous to humans, going under the house with a stressed-out cat would not be smart. "I'm going to be fine," home owner Jason Archinaco said. "He's not hurting anyone in there, at some point he's going to come out."

We've made a Storify of the ordeal thus far, and you can watch a live stream of the action here. We'll be updating this post as the drama unfolds into the night, so watch this space!

UPDATE (1:03am EST): After continuous physical stimuli failed to budge P-22, the team decided to leave him be until further notice. 

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