Filming in the middle of the African bush definitely has its fair share of challenges ... not to mention rewards. The Earth Touch crew recently returned from the World Youth Rhino Summit with loads of stories to share after three days of roughing it in the scorching heat of South Africa's Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve.

It's been crazy, wonderful and chaotic. Here are just some of the things we'll always remember:

1. 30 Seconds to Mars allowing the use of their incredible song "A Beautiful Lie" in our summit video, which made everyone cry when it played at the opening ceremony.

2. Seeing no fewer than four rhinos in the wild, just driving to our camp (one sighting included a mom and her calf in the middle of the road right in front of us!). South Africa's Huhlwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve is AMAZING!

3. Sleeping to the soundtrack of hyenas every night ...

4. ... and waking up to elephants eating right outside our tents.

5. Speaking of tents: our tented edit suite in the middle of the game reserve. It was both sauna and wind tunnel.

Earth Touch Tented Camp Tyrone Marcus Kirsten Horne Sarah Lustig
Earth Touch crew members Sarah Lustig, Kirsten Horne and Tyrone Marcus working away in their 'bush office'.

6. Mentoring filmmakers-in-training from the American International School of Mozambique, who were also covering the event. They helped us tremendously with photos and filming some footage. They're so talented!

Earth Touch Crew Mozambican Film Students
The Earth Touch crew posing for a photo outside the media tent with the young filmmakers from the American International School of Mozambique.

7. Our cameraman Tyrone getting bitten by a tick ... on his upper thigh (a.k.a butt cheek). We've put him under observation.

8. Our sound guru SK splitting his pants (nothing that some gaffer tape couldn't sort out and he was good to go).

9. Checking the showers and toilets for 'mfezis' (Mozambiquan spitting cobras) every time we had to go.

10. Someone tripping over a cable and plunging the entire summit into darkness during a very important evening discussion with the delegates.

11. Some of the organisers arriving outrageously late after getting stuck in the middle of an elephant herd on their drive over.

12. Interviewing wildlife conservationist Paula Kahumba (five months of stalking her finally paid off!). Check back for the interview soon. 

Interview Paula Kahumba_2014_09_23
The Earth Touch film crew interviewing Paula Kahumba. Image: Wokshots

13. Meeting delegates from as far afield as Brazil, Switzerland, Vietnam, China and rhino-range countries in Africa – all coming together to discuss the rhino poaching crisis. Their enthusiasm and passion will hopefully have a ripple effect.  

14. And finally, this baby black rhino. We couldn't deal with the cuteness – or the heartbreak. The youngster was orphaned when its mother was killed by poachers and it's now being looked after until it's big enough to fend for itself. A stark reminder of just how vulnerable these creatures are. 

Baby Black Rhino 2014 09 23