Nature photographer Morten Hilmer is no stranger to frigid weather. He spent two years of his adult life patrolling in northeast Greenland for the Danish special forces, a stint that involved driving a dogsled over vast distances in subzero temperatures. So you’d think he'd be more than happy to leave his Arctic days behind him, right? Not quite. The stark bleakness of the frozen environment has continued to inspire, paving the way for his return. This time, armed with a camera.

Hilmer has braved extreme weather in some of the Arctic's most remote corners to capture shots of the region's vulnerable wildlife and landscapes.

“When I returned from the Sirius Patrol I thought I had been frozen enough, but the very nature of the Arctic inspires me and so I must return,” he explains in a promo clip for a project, called Silence of the North. “I find stillness in nature when it is at its most authentic.”