It takes approximately six minutes to fill a GoPro case with lion spit ... the more you know!

Professional field guide Christof Schoeman loves to let the wildlife of the Kruger National Park interact with his cameras, but during a recent trip through the iconic South African reserve, a lioness decided to take the gear for a joyride.

In an interview with Latest Sightings, who posted the clip to YouTube, Schoeman explains that he'd left the camera on a popular game path. The route has proven lucky for close encounters because it leads to a watering hole, but the level of this animal's interest was a surprise. 

"I couldn't contain my excitement when she grabbed the camera," says Schoeman. "The lioness proceeded to walk around with it for about six minutes, and then both her and her sister started playing with it." The big cats eventually grew tired of their man-made chew toy and left it (quite literally) in the dust.

Some commenters online have expressed concern that the camera may have harmed the lion had it cracked under pressure in its mouth, but GoPro casings are robustly made – tough enough to withstand a kick by an adult giraffe!

"I wouldn't have done anything differently," Schoeman says. "This footage gave me a spectacular close-up view of one of greater Kruger's best predators. The lioness didn't eat or break the camera, but the GoPro was full of saliva and scratches from her sharp canines."

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Top header image: Latest Sightings/YouTube