Criss-crossing the globe to experience exotic wildlife falls just slightly out of most budgets ... but thanks to film-maker Richard Sidey, you can travel to the polar regions from the comfort of your living room. His project 'Speechless', a raw-clips web series, allows us to [vicariously] experience the adventures of a wildlife photographer.

Image: Richard Sidey/Screengrab from Vimeo

"I want to share some of these phenomenal remote spots that I'm incredibly lucky to visit on my expeditions and make them feel as real as possible," says Sidey. "I've decided that maybe the best way to do this is strip down the video with raw footage only: no music, no David Attenborough, no fancy editing and no touching up."

The nine-part series focuses on wildlife in the polar regions, and has even inspired a more traditional feature film (check out the trailer here). From a walrus cuddle-puddle to a bird brawl on thin ice (warning: this one may be hard to watch for some), the series is a window into a disappearing world of ice that's well worth feasting your eyes on.