For Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond, no animal is more zen-like than the fox. Raimond has been taking photos of red foxes for several years and has become a master at capturing their whimsical "personalities".

“Foxes can be fully ‘in the moment’, as if they invented mindfulness themselves. No need for yoga classes or meditation courses, since relaxing is their second nature,” she says on her website.

Zen Fox Snow 2 2015 09 14

A telephoto lens allows Raimond to capture her images from afar without disturbing her subjects. “If you are too eager, an animal will sense that eagerness and will remain alert,” she explains.

With a bit of luck and a lot of skill and patience, Raimond managed to capture a stunning image series of foxes at their most zen-like. The biological reason for their contended expressions probably has something to do with the fact that their eyes are highly sensitive to light, and, much like cats, foxes will close them to avoid damage. Regardless, we could perhaps learn a thing or two from these vulpine masters of inner peace.

For more fox (and other wildlife) photos, visit Roeselien Raimond’s website, or connect with her on Facebook.

Zen Fox Backlight 2015 09 14
Zen Fox Chilling 2015 09 14
Zen Fox Fresh Air 2015 09 14
Zen Fox Grass 2 2015 09 14
Zen Fox Grass 2015 09 14
Zen Fox Happy 2015 09 14
Zen Fox Light 2015 09 14
Zen Fox Meditating 2015 09 14
Zen Fox Sand 2015 09 14
Zen Fox Smiling 2015 09 14
Zen Fox Snow 2015 09 14
Zen Fox Summer 2015 09 14

All images © Roeselien Raimond