“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make...” – Bram Stoker's Dracula.

If the Monster Mash isn't quite putting you in the Halloween mood this year, fear not: we have something from our world that will send chills down your spine. Wildlife photographer Bruno D'Amicis recorded these amazing sounds of red deer rutting and wild wolves howling in the night in the mountains of Italy's Central Apennines.

Tracking wolves through the high mountains is no easy feat, but D'Amicis not only managed to capture this eerie audio, but also some incredible images. 

“I spent the whole months of August and September looking for wolves in the mountains of western Abruzzo, where in previous years I had collected enough information to know the movements of at least two packs,” he writes.

“In Italy, wildlife is usually skittish and I am used to patiently stalking and photographing animals just from a certain distance. The many images taken don't give justice to the emotions I experienced in those moments.”

Image: Bruno D'Amicis Photography, used with permission
Image: Bruno D'Amicis Photography, used with permission
Image: Bruno D'Amicis Photography, used with permission

The rest of the stunning series can be found in D'Amicis' latest book, Time For Wolves.

Top header image: Don Burkett/Flickr