I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly asking myself what it would be like to be surrounded by various wild animals. Now, thanks to virtual reality film company Deep VR, I have the chance to make it happen – and so do you.

Their latest video, filmed at a wildlife sanctuary and captive-breeding centre in South Africa, allows viewers to step right into the middle of a wild dog pack and experience it from every angle – the perfect way to appreciate the dogs' famously sociable nature and the distinctive vocalisations that allow packs to coordinate their impressive hunts.

Simply click on the video and drag the image around to follow the endangered wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) as they literally run circles around you.

(Note: Some browsers do not support 360° viewing, so if you're viewing this on an iOS device, try switching to the YouTube app.)

Once a thing of science fiction, virtual reality has become an area of intense interest and innovation in recent years, with companies like Microsoft, Sony and Oculus pursuing their own take on the technology. Deep VR is bringing that to the natural world, allowing us to experience nature in 360 degrees. We've been keeping our eye on this tech for a while, and they've really nailed it with this one.

The process starts with an in-house kit that includes spherical cameras (you can see the shadow of one in the video). It's cool enough in 2D, like we're seeing here, but the footage can also be watched in 3D, with the help of VR headsets like the Oculus Rift. Imagine actually panning your head, as if you were right there with the dogs.

As the technology advances, we can only imagine the otherwise impossible things we’ll get to experience. Perhaps a deep dive through the ocean beside a pod of whales, or flying side by side with an eagle. The possibilities are endless, and to us, pretty darn cool.