Wild cats have an uncanny ability to blend into their natural habitats, but snow leopards are arguably the ultimate stealth masters. Known to some as the "ghosts of the mountains", their smokey-grey coats tinged with yellow fur and distinctly marked with dark rosettes and spots help them melt into the barren, mountainous habitat they call home. So for this year's International Snow Leopard Day, we decided to put your cat-spotting skills to the test. Hidden somewhere in this camera-trap image is a snow leopard on the prowl. Can you find it?

Scroll down for the reveal.

Listed as vulnerable by the IUCN, snow leopards are among the most elusive and least understood of the big cats. Their range stretches across two million square kilometres of Central Asia's most dramatic cliffs, ridges and rocky slopes, with the majority of the population falling within China's Tibetan region. Their remote habitat and secretive nature make it almost impossible to estimate how many of these cats still roam this mountainous expanse, but experts put the number somewhere between 3500 and 7000 individuals. 

The Snow Leopard Trust, a non-profit organisation working to save these imperilled cats, have been running an extensive study over the last ten years to learn more about the ecology and habits of the world's snow leopards. Remote-triggered camera traps have proved invaluable in the quest to learn more about these mountain ghosts, but even with this technology, spotting a leopard can still prove tricky.

Found that cat yet? In case you haven't, here's where it's hiding:

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Top header image: Roger Smith, Flickr