There's nothing quite like schooling fish to bring marine predators to the table. And with so many "eyes" in the skies these days, we're privy to some pretty stellar views of mealtime. 

This beautiful aerial clip was filmed just off Australia's Bondi Beach by video editor and cinematographer Bruno Barthas of Le Cut Studio

Barthas sent his drone up for a look at the pristine waters and perfect lighting that Bondi Beach has to offer, and was a bit alarmed to see a dark shape swimming beside the local surfers. A closer look, however, revealed the creature to be a solo Australian fur seal.

Fur seals are typically seen swimming en masse near their large rookeries, but it's not that unusual for an intrepid pinniped to venture out for some solo hunting away from the colony in the winter months, reports 7News. 

The seal is reportedly a regular in these waters, and has been dubbed "Mr Seal" by local lifeguards (though it's entirely possible that this animal is actually female).  

Fur seals are skilled hunters, feeding mostly on a variety of bony fish species, and cephalopods like squid and octopus. They can dive up to 200 metres in search of prey, but here in Australia, an easy meal never goes unnoticed. It's commonplace for a colony to steal fish from nets and fish farms. 

We're glad to see none of the surfers opted to chase the seal, and it's important to note that doing so is illegal in many countries. Once hunted to near extinction for their dense coats, Australian fur seals have made a phenomenal recovery in recent years. It's likely we'll be seeing a lot of Mr Seal, as habitat restoration and government protections mean these animals now live an average 12-30 years in the wild! 


Top header image: Le Cut Studio/Flickr