Honey badgers have a reputation as some of the most ferocious and fearless animals in Africa, which is why we decided to give one lucky badger a starring role in a wildlife documentary!

Co-produced with NatGeo, Ultimate Honey Badger follows an orphaned honey badger (affectionately dubbed "Badgie") as she faces the wilds of South Africa's Tswalu Kalahari Reserve.

The aim of the film was to follow the steps it would take for this 10-week old orphan to become a fully fledged, wild honey badger. This included hunting her first scorpion, climbing trees, finding a burrow, learning how to track down mice and tackling snakes, all with the help of her human mentors, wildlife experts and conservationists Dylan and Theresa Smith.

The documentary debut was a smash success and we're really proud to announce that it is the highest-rated Sunday night telecast in Nat Geo WILD's history!

Catch the film on the NatGeo Channel (times are in EST):

  • Sunday, 12/01, 11am 
  • Thursday, 16/01, 10pm
  • Friday, 17/01, 1am
  • Sunday, 19/01, 7pm
  • Monday, 20/01, 2am
  • Thursday, 23/01, 3pm

Here's a gallery with some behind-the-scenes shots as well as a couple of clips from the recently aired film.

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