If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. That's clearly a life's motto for this determined bear, who's been caught denning beneath the same home in Lake Tahoe, Nevada on two separate occasions. 

YouTuber Vance Hopkins first encountered the visitor last year (then in a brown colour phase) and shared this video after the animal returned to the crawlspace beneath his porch.

This trespassing behaviour is pretty common for bears in the area, and they're typically relocated no worse for wear. To evict unwanted bear roomies, your best course of action is to contact local wildlife officials – and then make sure you're not luring the burly visitors to your neighbourhood by leaving trash or other potential food sources unsecured.

As you can see, Hopkins gets a bit too close to comfort, and, alarmingly, this isn't the first time he's handled the situation this way. It's plain to see from the bear's behaviour that it's less than thrilled to have a camera in its face, and this is one confrontation that could have ended badly.

Last time around, Hopkins's guest left him with a special parting gift (skip to 3:06):


Top header image: Neal Herbert, Flickr