Following in the pawprints of her famous canine cousins Rin Tin Tin and Lassie, a dog in Australia has thwarted a home invasion by an unwanted visitor.

YouTuber Drew S was lounging on his patio in Pacific Pines, Queensland when a highly venomous eastern brown snake slithered by. Of course, the reptilian visitor was just minding its own business, but with our unsuspecting homeowner distracted by his phone (we’ve all been there), this could have turned into a bad situation.

Almost immediately after the snake comes into view in the security cam footage, the trusty canine companion jumps into action, following right behind until the owner finally reacts.

“If it weren’t for her I would have probably kept looking at my phone. I think we were both a bit lucky today,” says Drew.

Snake sightings have been on the rise across Queensland recently as hot weather makes the reptiles more active. Experts have been urging locals to be vigilant, and to keep an eye out on the roads to avoid squashing any snakes on the move.

"Unfortunately, some people think a good snake is a dead snake. But they are an important part of our ecosystem and they keep down the rat and mice population," a local snake catcher told The Gympie Times.

A bite from an eastern brown snake can be fatal without treatment, so if you ever come across one during your travels, it’s best to take your cue from this clip and retreat to a safe distance.


Top header image: Alexandre Roux, Flickr