You know when you're chilling poolside and some jerk shows up to ruin your vibe?

This footage was captured by tour guide Ivan Ueckermann at Mhondoro Lodge in South Africa's Welgevonden Game Reserve. A group of guests were enjoying a dip in the lodge pool when a small herd of elephants sauntered over to sneak a drink. "I knew this was a great opportunity to witness them in their natural environment," Ueckermann explained. Of course, a swimming pool is hardly a natural source of water for the pachyderms, but they will rarely turn down an available drink.

This is not the first time we've seen elephants crashing a pool party; this bull checked in with some bathers in northeastern Botswana back in 2010:

And then there's this herd that lined up at an infinity pool in South Africa's Ngala Private Game Reserve in 2016:

It is perhaps not that surprising that elephants have learned to take advantage of unfenced swimming pools; an adult African elephant can guzzle as much as 50 gallons (200 litres) of water a day. In drier times of the year, the pachyderms will sometimes be seen digging in seemingly barren riverbeds in the hopes of churning up some groundwater. As the world's heaviest land mammals, elephants need a healthy supply of water and if that means slurping it up from a lodge swimming pool, then you can bet they'll do it!

Top header image: Brittany H., Flickr