Usually a plastic container, a piece of cardboard and bit of bravery is all that is required to remove an unwanted critter that’s scuttled its way onto the front porch. But in this case, Tupperware probably won’t cut it …

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Attanai Thaiyuanwong, a Thailand resident who arrived home earlier this week to find a person-sized monitor lizard trying to open his front door in Samutprakarn. Although the clip has shocked viewers across the globe, the encounter wasn’t that surprising for Thaiyuanwong who has come across this behemoth in the past.

He told local news outlets that his family have become accustomed to spotting the lizard around their home and have even nicknamed the reptile Selena, after popstar Selena Gomez (we don't see the resemblance … maybe you have to see the lizard from the right angle?).

Some reports suggested that the massive monitor may have been trying to get at the pet dog that can be heard barking throughout the clip. Although, monitor lizards are carnivorous, they usually stick to a diet consisting of eggs, smaller reptiles, fish, birds, and occasionally small mammals. Considering cats have made it onto the monitor lizard menu in the past, while we cannot rule out the possibility that Selena was after a ‘doggy treat’, however, it seems unlikely.

It's believed that the monitor lizard lives in a swamp forest near Thaiyuanwong’s home and thankfully, the homeowner is more than happy to share his residence with the local wildlife. "Humans have invaded the animals’ habitats so now they don't know where to go," he explained to a local news outlet. "Not having a home is sad enough, and humans still try to get rid of them. Let’s say we can all live together as long as we don’t hurt one another."

Kudos, Mr Thaiyuanwong. According to reports, Selena was safely relocated to the nearby forest after the cameras stopped rolling.

Top header image: Mika Hiltunen, Flickr