If you live in bear country, there's always a chance your backyard swimming pool or outside entertainment area could become the playground of a wandering bruin. So it's probably best not to spend too much money on that outside sofa ...

This cheeky bear cub was filmed making itself comfortable on a couch in Snowmass Village, Colorado. According to the video description, the "bear yearling had been separated from his family ...  and had forgotten that's it's time to hibernate! He was taking a late fall/early winter break on our porch where he was trying to tuck himself in for a nap." That nap preparation evidently involved ripping the stuffing out of the couch cushions and tossing it around like confetti.

Animal control was called out and suggested that the Colorado residents leave the cub be (provided they were content to have their sofa remodelled). "He ended up staying well past our bedtime but was gone by morning. We had a little clean-up to do, but we were happy to do it. We were hoping he would come back but he didn't, and we hope he's asleep somewhere for the winter."

This is not the first bear to take over a sofa in Colorado: In September last year, a backyard couch in Steamboat Springs became unusable after a number of nightly visits from a rowdy bear. In instances where bears do become a nuisance or a threat, Colorado Parks and Wildlife recommend that homeowners use air horns, car alarms or bear mace to chase the animals away from their properties.