If you're a planning a stay at the Quality Inn in Sebring, Florida, it's probably best to scope out the other rooms for any suspicious-looking guests before settling in ...

The Highlands County Sheriff's Office uploaded this clip of a rambling gator to their Facebook page on Sunday, where they joked that the confused crocodilian may have been on the hunt for the "tiki bar to get a margatorita." After a leisurely stroll through the hotel grounds, the gator was captured by a licensed trapper and removed from the premises, the police added (although not before squeezing in another joke about whether or not the juvenile reptile was old enough to drink).

While the encounter would probably be enough to startle the average out-of-towner, Floridians are no strangers to visits from the local wildlife. In 2016, Florida resident Louis Camacho captured some unsettling footage of a sizeable gator hissing in a storm-water drain just outside his house, while a few months earlier a group of students lost their lunch to a sandwich-stealing reptile while picnicking at a local lake. And there's all those golf-course gator sightings that are numerous enough to be something of a subgenre of viral online content.

Luckily for the guests staying at the Quality Inn, this gator was safely removed without incident. If you ask us, it kind of looked like it was casing the joint. Hide your gatorade.

Top header image: Big Cypress NPS/Flickr