For this patient alligator mama, getting a batch of babies across a Florida golf course turned into a day-long affair. Meanwhile, an equally patient camera-wielding onlooker was there to capture the great family trek on video. 

The female gator had 16 youngsters to shepherd across the green to the safety of a nearby pond. "It took her all day as she had golfers to contend with," Sharon Whiting, who filmed the encounter from a concealed spot behind some palm trees, told FOX 13. Whiting had been observing the alligator since the babies hatched back in February, and suspects the drying up of the family's original watery home is what prompted the relocation. 

While parenting skills are not something most reptiles can boast about, crocodilians are a notable exception, and alligator mothers will aggressively defend their young during their first few years of life. This female and her brood eventually reached their destination, and slipped out of sight into the safety of the water. 


Top header image: Big Cypress NPS/Flickr