We haven't seen something this excited about bananas since the Minions in Despicable Me!

This litter of opossums was taken in by a wildlife rehabilitation centre after their mother was hit by a car. In the wild, the omnivorous marsupials eat a wide variety of foods, so these hungry orphans must learn to do the same. After a bit of TLC, the litter will be ready to head back into the wild. 

Opossums certainly get a bad rep, but they aren't the rabies-infected, vicious predators they're made out to be. In fact, the marsupials are eight times less likely to carry rabies than feral dogs or cats. Sure, they raid the occasional garbage bin – but they also help to keep pesky snails, slugs and beetles in check. So, next time you see an opossum in your garden, think twice before grabbing the broom!

Want more proof opossums are cuter than you thought? Here is another video of a litter chowing down on watermelon. You're welcome. 

Opossums cute-related-2015-12-17

Top header image: Vicky Somma/Flickr