Looks like this bear has a bad case of the Mondays ...

Compiled over several months last year, this trail-cam footage captured by Bernie Barringer documents the daily behaviour of a Minnesota black bear as it emerges from its den.

Black bears hibernate for up to eight months of the year in hollowed-out dens. During this time, their heart rate can drop to about eight beats per minute, and they don't eat, drink or do a thing that bears are supposed to do in the forest. 

When they finally emerge from that lengthy slumber, it's not unusual for the physiological effects of hibernation to linger ... which is probably why this guy still looks a bit tired. It takes about three weeks for metabolic rates to return to normal, and the bear will hang around its den until then, slowly building up strength so it can get back to regular bear stuff.

We just call that a Monday.


Top header image: Dan Hutcheson, Flickr