Well, seafood enthusiasts ... it looks like it might be time for a crab pot upgrade! The team at Australia's Katnich Building & Design caught this ten-legged thief red-handed when they decided to strap a GoPro to one of their traps on a recent crabbing trip. Much to their surprise, it didn't take long for the crafty crab to figure out how to open the bait trap and steal a meal.

Blue swimmer crabs (Portunus pelagicus) like this one are notoriously voracious hunters and scavengers, eating everything from small fish and crustaceans, to molluscs, worms, and occasionally algae and seagrass. Not only can those paddle-like claws be used for swimming (hence the name), but they can also span 31 inches (80cm) across!

Top header image: Neil Smith/Flickr