While we've been watching adorable otters splashing around in the surf in South Africa, a beachgoer in western India has come across a (slightly more alarming) beach visitor: a crocodile. The unusual sighting was caught on camera at Morjim beach, one of the most popular beaches in India's Goa state. 

Nilesh Bagkar spotted the large reptile during a morning walk, and posted his photos to Facebook earlier this week. They've since been doing the rounds online.

Local wildlife officials have confirmed the sighting, suggesting that the crocodile, a fully grown adult, likely found its way to the beach from the nearby Chapora River.

India is home to three different crocodile species: a freshwater crocodile also known as a "mugger" (which in the Goa region is specially adapted for surviving in the local salt mangrove ecosystems), the saltwater crocodile, and the increasingly rare and endangered gharial.