We're going to start this one off with a don't-try-this-on-your-way-home message. (Please.)

Chasing the local wild life of the road !!Cahills crossing !!!

Posted by Dhipirri Barra and Sportfishing Lodge Arnhemland on Tuesday, November 10, 2015


This tour guide operator in Australia's Northern Territory ushers two crocodilian obstacles off the road with little more than the power of politeness.

Darren Nickolls of Dhipirri Barra and Sportfishing Lodge (who we assume has a little more experience with crocodile traffic control than the rest of us) filmed his encounter at a crossing over the East Alligator River, where the reptiles are seen lounging fairly often. “It’s not unusual up here, especially at that crossing. A couple of months ago during the day, there were up to 30 crocodiles there,” Nickolls tells Yahoo News.

Should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, remember: not all crocs have an equal appreciation for a well-timed thank-you. Your best bet is to stay clear and not interfere with the animal – even if it's small. An aggravated crocodilian can be a scary thing. 


Top header image: Parks Australia, Flickr