We've all had a surprise encounter or two with the local wildlife in our backyards, but one Arizona couple woke up to something extra special: a group of bobcat kittens dropped by for a home inspection. 

Arizona bobcats 4 2016-09-02
Image: Paul and Pamela Oldach/KPHO/KTVK

"These little guys stayed in our yard for about 20 minutes until mom arrived," Peoria locals Paul and Pamela Oldach told local News3. "Arizona nature at its best."

The couple managed to snap a few photos as the curious kittens explored their new surroundings and sauntered right up to the home's sliding glass doors. 

Arizona bobcats 2 2016-09-02
Image: Paul and Pamela Oldach/KPHO/KTVK
Arizona bobcats 1 2016-09-02
Image: Paul and Pamela Oldach/KPHO/KTVK

Native to North America, bobcats can be found from southern Canada, throughout most of the United States, and all the way down to central Mexico. These highly adaptable cats can make their home in a variety of environments – from forests to mountainous areas and even swamps. With their human neighbours encroaching ever closer, encounters like this one are now very frequent.

"They were very curious while roaming our backyard. At one point, all three took a drink out of the pool," added Paul Oldach. 

Although bobcat attacks on humans are rare, if you happen to spot one in your own backyard, it's best to call local wildlife officials. And while you should never attempt to feed or touch wildlife, approaching a kitten is a particularly bad idea – you never know where protective mom might be hiding.


Header image: Kenneth Cole Schneider