The reticulated python holds the record for the world's longest snake, so it's no surprise that when one shows up where it's not wanted, it takes many hands to get it evicted.

This particular visitor had slithered its way into the kitchen of a hotel restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, reports say, where it had been feasting on food scraps. After it was discovered, it took a line-up of 18 firefighters to remove the animal, which measured in at an impressive eight metres!

At his stage, it's unclear whether the snake was released back into the wild.

Reticulated pythons (Python reticulatus) are found in tropical rainforests and woodlands across southeast Asia, but they'll occasionally show up in built-up areas, especially as humans encroach more and more on their habitat. They're named for their distinctive skin pattern.

Top header image: Dan Mongrain, Flickr