I like to think that each one of us has a hero inside: a fearless warrior, a David waiting to take on our very own Goliath. Unfortunately for this house cat, the wildling that lurked beyond the wall really just couldn't be bothered. 

While staying at a B&B in Whistler, Canada, YouTuber Joern Rohde, his pet cat in tow, got an unexpected visitor on the back deck. A young bobcat had followed his curiosity (and perhaps the promise of potential food lying around) over to the building's glass window – and Rohde's ever-vigilant house cat wasn’t taking any chances.

In a fearless display, the brave furball arched his back and let loose a series of piercing wails to warn off the would-be intruder. Taking the hint, the bobcat retreated out of sight without any fuss. 

As we continue to build into bobcat territory, interactions like this are becoming more frequent. Though they look cute and cuddly, it's important to note that bobcats are wild animals. They might not be as menacing as mountain lions, but they can still pack a nasty bite.

That said, they're notoriously shy and are far more likely to disappear as quickly as they showed up in the first place. We're glad to see that Rhode opted to keep the glass barrier between these two feline rivals safely in place.

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Top header image: Denis-Carl Robidoux, Flickr