If we had to wager a guess as to who would back down first, a pair of juvenile black bears or a small French bulldog ... we'd have to put our money on the undersized canine. But as you can see, size isn't always the deciding factor in the animal kingdom.

The Frenchie was not about to tolerate the unwanted guests when they wandered onto the property of a home in Monrovia, California. "She blew me away, I couldn’t believe that she turned into a wolverine,” homeowner David Hernandez told CBS Los Angeles

If you're wondering where the cubs' mother was, we were too. According to Hernandez, she was nearby, just out of range of the home's security cameras.

Bear encounters are common in the area, as the foothills above Monrovia overlap the animals' natural habitat. Coyotes, deer, mountain lions and bobcats also roam these hills. While things worked out well for this spunky canine, this is a great reminder that being bear safe means keeping food and garbage out of reach, and pets inside when no one is around. 

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