First, we catch this pet cat sneering in the face of a mountain lion. And now, another feline has sent a startled black bear tumbling off a porch. It's pretty obvious that house cats have a message for the world this week. And we get it, house cats. Beneath that serene, domesticated facade, you're still wild and dangerous. And you're scared of nothing.

The defensive lunge was caught on camera by a homeowner in Eagle River, Alaska, after she spotted her two-year-old cat Nani staring down the trespassing bear at the back door to the house. 

“She’s really such a fraidy cat most of the time, I don’t know what got into her," the homeowner tells local broadcaster KTUU.

Nani seemed unfazed by the encounter. The bear hasn't been seen since.

Cat Mountain Lion Related 2015 06 24

Top header image: Dan Hutcheson, Flickr