Where’s a flying squirrel companion to help you out of a jam when you need it? 

This moose, caught on camera by Northern Source Images, got to enjoy some nice tunes with his lunch after wind chimes got tangled in his antlers. It’s not entirely clear how the animal became his own lunchtime entertainment, but he certainly doesn’t seem to mind much (maybe he's just trying to romance Mrs Moose over there). 

Because humans and moose prefer similar habitats (like low-lying grounds near rivers and streams), they have a knack for crossing paths. The most likely explanation for this musical scene, of course, is that the massive bull took a stroll through someone's yard and picked up his antler accessory en route. 

But fret not, those large, chime-adorned paddles will be shedding before too long. Check out this video of antlers that just couldn’t hold on any longer: 

Moose Antler Related 2016 03 16 (1)


Top header image: Gabe Lawrence, Flickr