Slash does not welcome poachers to the jungle (or the African savannah). The iconic rocker best known as the top-hatted guitarist from Guns N' Roses has teamed up with the International Fund for Animal Welfare for a new song that he hopes will raise awareness and funds to help fight ivory poaching.

A passionate animal advocate, Slash learnt about the devastating plight of African elephants following a 2013 tour to South Africa with rock supergroup Kings of Chaos and decided to do what he does best to help save these iconic animals. Singer Myles Kennedy, who collaborates with Slash on his latest project, was equally affected by the dire situation. So the duo got together to write "Beneath the Savage Sun” – a hard rock track that tells the tale of poaching from an elephant’s perspective (it sounds cheesy, but it’s well worth a listen).

The video for the track, released last week, is a graphic portrayal of the brutality of the ivory trade and includes a bundle of facts that Slash and Kennedy hope will educate the public about ivory poaching. "We wanted to give the viewer an idea of the atrocities that are going on, to hit them full in the face with it," says Slash.

It’s estimated that an elephant is slaughtered every 15 minutes; that’s almost 100 animals every day. If the killing is not halted, experts estimate that it could take just ten years for the elephant population to be reduced to nothing but ‘Dust N’ Bones’.

You definitely won’t find ivory tuning pegs on Slash’s guitar. Behind the legendary locks and dark shades is a passionate conservationist. "A lot of people don't know that every time they purchase anything that has even a smidgen of ivory in it, it comes from a dead elephant,” Slash explains. “I think if people were more aware of that, it would have a dramatic effect on the whole ivory trade.”

"Donating is great – that's hugely necessary – but the other thing to do is to stop purchasing ivory," according to Slash. "Do not buy it. I think the more people that stop buying ivory, [the more] significant the effect on the elephant poaching trade." Now that’s Rock ’n Roll. We salute you, Slash.

Homepage image: Scott Penner