UPDATE: We're very sad to report that despite every effort to save him, Rascal the elephant calf died earlier today, most likely from shock. The team from the International Anti Poaching Foundation (IPAF) posted the news on social media and thanked everyone who contributed funds towards the rescue, noting that the donations would be redistributed to fund future rescues and anti-poaching efforts in the area. Read below for the full story:


Officials at the International Anti Poaching Foundation (IPAF) in Mozambique are working around the clock to save a newborn baby elephant found unconscious over the weekend. The little male, now called "Rascal", was discovered by the anti-poaching unit at Sábiè Game Park. It's still unclear why the youngster was separated from his mother, but IPAF staff suspect foul play. 

"[Since we found him,] we have been following expert advice as much as possible," the group said in an official update. "Given the remote location we are in and the lack of resources, it is really touch and go. He's had a rough day but is hanging in there. We have more veterinary assistance being airlifted in."

After hours of work, IPAF managed to get an IV into Rascal's tiny ear and got him down for a much-needed nap. He even had a little snore:

ellie rescue-iv-2015-8-30
Rascal gets some fluids while the team keeps a watchful eye. Image: IPAF/Facebook

At this stage, Rascal cannot be moved across international borders, so the team is doing its best to make use of what's available on the ground. To donate to the cause, visit IPAF's website. 

Top header image: Sander van der Wel/Flickr

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