Remember when we wanted to sign up for round-the-clock pangolin-feeding duty? Well, now we'd just like to gaze upon this snoozing baby clouded leopard. And if we could also watch him adorably squeaking his way through his first bath ... let's just say we may not be productive again today. 

This clouded leopard kitten was born earlier this month at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida, and all that extreme cuteness aside, staff there see the youngster as an important ambassador for his imperilled species. The newborn's parents were matched up as potential mates as part of a conservation programme for species threatened with extinction, and this is their very first offspring. Named after the distinctive cloud-shaped markings on their coats, these rare cats face a range of threats in the wild, including habitat loss and poaching.

The zoo's new arrival still needs round-the-clock monitoring and is being cared for under the Clouded Leopard Species Survival Plan (SSP). Hand-rearing this particular species has been shown to improve socialisation among young animals and to reduce fatal attacks by aggressive adult males, according to the zoo.

At just over two weeks old, the youngster has more than doubled his weight since birth and is now scooting around using his front legs – he'll be strong enough to get up on all fours soon. He's also definitely found his voice, especially at feeding time ... which rolls around every four hours!


Top header image: Gary Brigden/Flickr