This kangaroo is basically all of us trying to get into a hammock ...

South Australian resident Karen Wishart recently captured footage of a particularly pugnacious kangaroo 'sparring' with a hammock in her backyard. The young marsupial can be seen dancing around the hanging fabric, dishing out vicious jabs and kicks (and getting its feet tangling up in the process).

"I'm not entirely sure if this roo was playing, practising fighting or thought the swing was a threat," Wishart quipped on Facebook. Backyard trampolines and swings can be a problem for wild animals, so we're glad to see that this roo walked away without injury (except for perhaps a bruised ego at having lost a fight with a hammock).

Male kangaroos will readily take one another on in punch-ups for territory or mating rights, so it's possible that this youngster is honing his skills for the real deal. A bit more practice may be required.

Top header image: Darcy Moore, Flickr