We know kangaroos are skilled boxers, but how do they fare at the art of trampolining? Not so well ...

YouTuber Emma Heffernan happened across this furry acrobat in her backyard in Queensland, Australia. Hoping to snap a photo, she moved closer to the animal (not a good idea), and spooked it in the process. On flat land, kangaroos can reach speeds over 40 miles per hour (64kph) – so it's no surprise the startled animal jumped a bit too hard off the springy surface. The roo reportedly hopped off without injury, but this just goes to show how problematic human neighbours (and their strange contraptions) can be for local wildlife! 

Of course, some have speculated the 'roo was simply caught in the act of practising his ninja skills, but as we're already preparing for the kangaroo zombie apocalypse, we're going to push the thought of them training to the back of our minds. 


Top header image: Paul/Flickr