Well, this is just fantastic. The hungry weasel that rode its way to internet fame atop a woodpecker back in March has been immortalised by fans. 

Image: Stephen Cross

It all started when amateur photographer Martin Le-May was walking through a London park with his wife, hoping to show her a green woodpecker for the first time. They saw one alright – just as a weasel launched onto the bird’s back in a failed attempt at nabbing lunch. In a flash, Le-May whipped out his camera and captured the moment for all to see.

"When I saw the original photo I thought it was the best photo I'd seen all year," says local "weaselpecker" fan Stephen Cross, who along with his colleagues at Karmarama Advertising Agency erected the park sign guerilla-style. "When I realised it was taken in my local county park I thought it was the best photo ever! It's been everywhere, so I wanted to shine a light on Hornchurch and show we've got a sense of humour." 

At the time of posting, the sign remains in the park, and we can only hope city officials decide to make it a permanent fixture. Slow clap, Cross. Slow clap.

Image: Matin Lee May
Image: Martin Lee May
Image: Martin Lee May

Top header image: Cecil Sanders/Flickr