Editor's note: A previous version of this article stated that the video was filmed in Oregon's Lake of the Woods. That lake does exist, but this thieving mink was in fact roaming a bit farther north.

"Lake of the Woods" may sound like a place you’d find after walking through a deceptively deep wardrobe, but we assure you it’s real. And there be thieves in these parts: 

While on an ice-fishing trip at the picturesque Ontario lake, Youtuber Keith Kavajecz encountered what looks to us like a curious American mink (a member of the weasel family) after the animal had burrowed into his tent on the ice.

The weasel was after something all too tempting that was stashed away in the corner: some tasty wall-eye fish. After trying its best to get away with the goods, the nosy animal was finally thwarted by Kavajecz ... or so it seemed.

"He came back and I actually let him have the fish eventually," he explains.

Worth the chilly dip in the lake, then.


Top header image: Russell Ede, Flickr