Easter Monday’s Storm Katie brought torrential rain, snow, flooding and 70mph gusts of wind to the UK – but hungry squirrels never balk in the face of climatic chaos.

While the human inhabitants of Dartford in Kent were weathering the storm indoors, one single-minded rodent – bushy tail buffeted by the tempest – tightroped its way to a feeder for its breakfast (there's a longer video of that storm-defying feat here).

And while we're on the subject of squirrels who take their food seriously, across the pond in Chicago's Ukrainian Village neighbourhood, the culinary adventures of another squirrel won it a few seconds of internet fame last week. There's no unrefined dragging of your cheesy slice on the subway here (we're looking at you, Pizza Rat). Pizza Squirrel dines in the trees.


Top header image: Nils Dehl, Flickr