Forget majestic snow leopards and graceful, backlit giraffes, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are here to showcase the lighter side of nature. We could all use a laugh right now, so gear up for wild animals acting goofy and looking awkward.

The competition – now in its sixth year – uses humorous imagery to raise spirits and spread awareness about the importance of saving wild species and spaces. From a head-scratching seal to a flamingo walking on water, the leading entries in this year’s competition are sure to coax a giggle out of those feeling a bit despondent in these uncertain times.

What happened to all the humans? A confused-looking seal at Winterton-on-Sea in the UK scratches its head. Image © Johan Siggesson/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

"The pictures coming in this year are particularly poignant, and we are thrilled to have so many strong contenders already," photographer and co-founder of the competition Tom Sullam explained in a statement.

"The world is experiencing unprecedented upheaval, but the single brightest light coming out of the gloom is the positive impact on the climate that our self-imposed lockdown has created. Sadly though, many conservation efforts are losing funding and our competition exists to keep raising awareness, a smile and hopefully support wild animals around the world."

Betcha I can fit my whole paw in your mouth? Playful lion cubs engage in a bout of wrestling in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania. Image © Yarin Klein/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020
Oh hai. A brown bear in Alaska takes a break from its sand bath to stare to photographer Janet Miles. Image © Janet Miles/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020
Talk about chewing an ear off! A baby hippo in Kenya's Masai Mara looks like it's about to nibble on its mother's ear . Manoj Shah/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020
"Maestro" A chalky percher damselfly in the Philippines holding a strand of grass like a violin bow. Image © Reynante Martinez/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020
An apparent disagreement between two roebuck deer in Estonia. Image © Alvin Tarkmees/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020
Coming in for a landing. At certain times of the year flamingo flocks descend on Lake Magadi in the Serengeti making for great photo opportunities. Image © Tommy Mees/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020
Someone must have told this sea otter a good joke. Image © David DesRochers/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020
This northern pygmy owl on Canada's Vancouver Island looks like it had a rough night. Image © Anthony Bucci/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020
Two yellow-collared lovebirds share a moment of tenderness in Tanzania's Tarangire National Park. Image © Thomas Grigoleit/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020
Two zebras sharing a laugh in Nairobi National Park, Kenya. Image © Tanvir Ali/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020
A very surprised-looking lion cub in Kenya's Masaai Mara. Image © Yaron Schmid/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020