You know when you want a donut so badly that you break into a store and steal one? No? This masked bandit was caught in Toronto doing just that, like some kind of real-life Sly Cooper.

It took over half an hour for the shop owner to evict the unwanted raccoon out of the gap above the ceiling tiles, which the culprit likely entered through a hole in the air conditioning system.

“People outside were cheering for him,” Peter Jensen, who shot the video, told the Toronto Sun. “The owner was in there, trying to get him out with a broom while on the phone with pest control. At first, I thought it was the wind pushing a tile around, then I saw a nose and thought it was a huge rat. I started laughing my head off."

Stealing one ball of doughy goodness is quite impressive, but the little raccoon didn't stop there. "He had the audacity to be picky," Jensen said. "He rooted around a little and got an orange fritter or crueller. Before they got him out, he came back and picked up another two donuts."

He certainly got a better deal than this guy, whose fleeting joy was crushed when he tried to dip a scavenged ball of cotton candy into a puddle. You win some, you lose some ...



Top header image: Coralie Mercier/Flickr