For the last five years, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Award judges have had the enviable job of giggling their way through thousands of hilarious wildlife photos on a mission to find the funniest of the bunch. Chuckle-worthy shots of a farting penguin, a bewildered otter and a rhino relieving itself on an egret all made it to the final round of judging this year, but it was Sarah Skinner's image entitled "Grab life by the ... " that clinched the top spot.

Grab life by the ...
© Sarah Skinner/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

Skinner's shot was selected out of an impressive field of around 4,000 entries from 68 countries. Captured in Botswana, the winning entry shows a playful lion cub on the brink of sinking its claws into the, er, "delicates" of an unsuspecting male lion. "The thought of what might have happened next, truly makes the eyes water!" the contest organisers wrote in a press release.

Skinner was delighted with the win, saying: “It certainly warms my heart to know that this image will spread some laughter and happiness around the world. I am happy to report that this lioness continues to thrive in the pride, having seen her again in October this year."

Oh my!
© Harry Walker/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

The 2019 competition was judged by an impressive panel of wildlife experts, photographers and comedians, including TV presenter Kate Humble, actor and comedian Hugh Dennis, wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas, and wildlife expert and co-founder of The Born Free Foundation Will Travers OBE.

The goal of the competition is not just to provide a bit of light-hearted relief, say the professional photographers who launched the awards, but also to spread an important message about conservation, a task that they believe begins at home. They encourage people everywhere to shop responsibly and cut down on un-recyclable products, conserve water, and become a "wild influencer" to help promote positive environmental practices among your friends and family.  

"I can only hope and encourage everyone, as a collective to each do our part in the conservation of all wildlife species, so that future generations can enjoy them, in the same way that I have done during my career as a wildlife photographer," says Skinner

Here'a s look at some of the other finalists and category winners:

Surfing….South Atlantic Style!
© Elmar Weiss/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
Warning! Territory Marking, follow at your own risk.
© Tilakra Nagaraj/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
Laid Back
© Tom Mangelsen/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
Chest Bump
© Tom Mangelsen/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
Waltz gone wrong
© Alastair Marsh/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
First comes love ... then comes marriage
© Elaine Kruer/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
Who would like a peanut?
© Corey Seeman/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
Family disagreement
© Vlado-Pirsa/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
Squirrel Wishes
© Geert Weggen/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
© Martina Gebert/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
To be or not to be
© Txema Garcia Laseca/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
Space Man
© Roie Galitz/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
© Eric Keller/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019